From lipstick to learning


Flynn (right) works with her classmates to style a mannequin’s hair (Bridgette Conniff).

Girls at Mercy are very passionate about their hobbies and activities, whether it’s playing sports, performing on stage, or painting in a studio.

Like many students at Mercy, junior Cassie Flynn has a special interest. However, the thing that sets her apart from others is that she is willing to adjust her schedule at school in order to pursue her passion for cosmetology.

“Hair and makeup is just something I love to do” said Flynn. “It never gets old.”

Each weekday, Flynn first attends cosmetology school at Oakland Technical Campus Northeast and then heads off to Mercy at approximately 11 a.m. to take core classes.

Oakland Technical Campus Northeast offers a wide variety of cosmetic service classes. Flynn learns a little bit of everything.

“I learn how to cut, braid, style, and color hair,” said Flynn. “I also do chemical treatments, proper manicures/pedicures, and massages.”

Since Flynn has to miss a portion of the school day at Mercy, she is not taking a science class this year. Even though she doesn’t take all the classes a typical student at Mercy does, Flynn feels like she’s on the same level as other students.

“I learn a lot of anatomy at cosmetology school,” said Flynn. “We have to know every bone in the body from the chest up, plus feet.”

Flynn also made it clear that cosmetology school is not a “blow-off.”

“We practice our services on mannequins,” said Flynn. “We also take tests and practicals just like at Mercy.”

Flynn is grateful for the support her family and friends give her.

“My family, especially, is very supportive of my choice to go to cosmetology school. My friends are awesome and they let me practice techniques I learned from school on them,” said Flynn. “I’m lucky to be surrounded by such positive people who care about my happiness.”

As far as the future goes, Flynn isn’t sure what it holds. She isn’t positive if she will attend college, but if she does, she plans on taking a few business classes.

“I’ll most likely end up interning with someone who owns a salon and really knows the business for a few years,” said Flynn. “Then eventually I would like to open up my own salon.”