This Fall’s Top Fashion Trends


Junior Asha McElroy begins transitioning into her fall wardrobe (Paisley Sutton).

Fall officially starts Monday evening, which means this year’s autumn trends will be in full swing. With New York Fashion Week coming to a close Thursday, countless designers have showcased new ideas to spice up the season. According to Elle magazine, here are a few statement-making trends that are easy to add to anyone’s wardrobe.

1. Throwin’ it back

This year has been full of throwback fashion pieces. From winter’s resemblance of the ’90s– chunky chains, crop tops and over-sized jerseys– to spring and summer’s ’70s theme with floral headbands, peasant tops, and palazzo pants. It’s simple to add ’60s flare to an outfit this fall by wearing striped shirts, printed pencil skirts, and dark eye-makeup.

2. Sneaker-head’s paradise

Runway models are usually limited to heels, but many models were seen rocking sneakers at this year’s New York Fashion Week. Designers are matching the effortlessly cool look of sneakers with stylish skirts and dresses.

“I’ll probably get more sneakers for the fall,” said junior Caitlin Patenaude. “Converse are my favorite.”

If you aren’t normally a sneaker fan, give them a chance this fall by matching high top Converse shoes with leather skirts and t-shirts to achieve the laid back yet chic look.

3. Hair colors to dye for

Certain colors always come to mind when we think of fall, such as orange, red and brown. What about platinum blonde? This season’s hair trend is extreme and there are two sides to the spectrum that stylists created this year. Honey, strawberry and platinum blondes exist on one end of the spectrum, while cool and natural colors are on the other. You can achieve this by going slightly lighter or darker than your natural hair color.

4. Prints gone wild

Fall and winter always include sweaters with a variety of unique prints. However, this fall, dynamic prints are seen not just on sweaters, but pants too.

“I love crazy prints,” Patenaude said. “And a warm, cozy sweater is my go-to fall piece.”

With leggings as the new jeans, designers are able to implement wild designs on bottoms to match with basic sweaters or shirts. Prints seen this fall range from color splatters and bright geometric shapes, to cool-colored and medieval styles.

So instead of grabbing your Ugg boots, black leggings, and sweatshirt this fall, challenge yourself to be bold and start your own trend as the fall fashion designers have.