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Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Vera Bradley: Fad or Fab?

A student's new Vera Bradley lunch box.
A student’s new Vera Bradley lunch box.

Walking through the halls of Mercy High School, it’s easy to notice the numerous backpacks, handbags, lunch boxes, and water bottles that students carry with them.  Many of these items carry name brand labels and one of the most popular is Vera Bradley. Students own all types of Vera Bradley products and most agree the lunch box is the most popular.

“I would say that about seventy-five percent of the girls have something Vera Bradley,” said sophomore Caroline Reamer.

Vera Bradley products have been around for 30 years but seem to appeal to today’s young girls as if it were a new, trendy product.

“My mom used to have a lot of things Vera Bradley,” said junior Maddy Loniewski. “She even had a Vera Bradley diaper bag! It really just started with our age group and I know that my young sister is a big fan of it too.”

All around the world, Vera Bradley has sparked people’s attention and sales have soared in the last decade. The name has become well known and the company comes out with new patterns almost every season.

“All the patterns are really cute, they’re really colorful, and I think that it brings some individuality to our uniforms,” said Loniewski.

“It’s a different type of pattern. Not a lot of brands have anything like it,” said junior Morgan Haller.

Vera Bradley’s success is that it understands its customers’ likes and continually designs products that appeal to them as they grow and change from girls with book bags to women with work bags.  It’s their ability to appeal to new and older consumers that keeps Vera Bradley products on our Christmas lists.

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