I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

Christine LaRouere, Sports Editor

The sun is out, people are starting to look tan, and the smell of summer is in the air. As school is winding down, everyone is excited to go to their favorite vacation spots and enjoy time off without the stress of grades or work. Summer is a very important season to every ice cream shop. There are people who always stop to pick up a sweet treat and even feel that they can only have ice cream in the summer. Whether you live in Bloomfield Hills, Northville, Howell, or any place in Michigan, you are bound to find an ice cream shop with many delicious treats. Here are some options!

Custard Time: Located on 7 mile Road is Northville’s very own Custard Time. This iconic ice cream stop is known to almost all people living in the Northville/ Novi area. With its yogurt flavors of the week and it’s towering chocolate sundae, you are able to create any ice cream combination of your choice and enjoy the summer day by sitting on the benches outside.

Dairy King: Located in the heart of Downtown Plymouth on South Main Street is Dairy King. This ice cream shop provides soft and hard served ice cream with the choice of staying and eating it inside or being able to walk around the downtown area. If you take a trip to Dairy King, you are bound to have an enjoyable night.

Oberweis Dairy: Located on Woodward Avenue is Oberweis Dairy provides monstrous ice cream shakes, flurries, and sundaes. This crowd pleaser in Royal Oak is able to bring in people from all over the city. Oberweis is an indoor establishment with many comfortable places to sit and play games while waiting for the staff to make your ice cream request and actually deliver it to you. This ice cream shop is a place for any age group.

Ricky’s Caboose Ice Cream: Ricky’s Caboose Ice Cream is perfect for families, especially with younger children. Located in Howell on Grand River & Chilson Road, you are going to find your favorite classic flavors and run into some new mixed flavors. With its cho cho train exterior, you are able to watch everyone having a good time and hanging out around the outside of the ice cream shop.

Any of these places can cure that craving for any flavor of ice cream, but if you are not able to reach these specific ice cream shops, the classic Cold Stone Creamery or Baskin Robbins will do the trick. Now, roll down those car windows with ice cream in hand and holla if you are ready for some summer nights.