Pricing Up Prom

Kristin LeMarbe, Design Editor

Senior year is full of small expenses, but they quickly add up to large unnecessary sums of money. One of the biggest money pits is prom.


The $135 per couple ticket to prom was a bank-breaker for some. Unfortunately, the money spending doesn’t end there. Totaled, prom can add up to well over $600.


Tickets: $135


Dress: $150


Shoes: $80


Hair: $60 (plus tip)


Makeup: $60 (plus tip)


Manicure/Pedicure: $30 (plus tip)


Bus/Limo: $50 (plus tip)


Boutonniere: $15


Group Extras (matching shirts, for example): $15


Total (excluding tips): $595


How can this sad, but true, information be used to your advantage? Avoid falling into any of the traps listed above.


While the ticket price is non-negotiable, a dress and pair of shoes can easily be borrowed from a friend or recycled from a previous dance. You can do your own hair, nails and makeup. Forego the bus by driving with your date to prom. Get a standard boutonniere (a single red rose and baby’s breath should be no more than $10) and decide if it’s really worth it for you to pitch in and get a shirt or customized pinnie to match with the rest of your friends.


Skipping those frills saves $435. Treat yourself to a Starbucks frappucino or 96 with all the money you have left over!