HOW to Pack for Spring Break

Kristin LeMarbe, Design Editor

This article is not about what to pack for spring break vacation it’s about how to pack for spring break vacation. Today, airlines are making major money by forcing passengers to pay for extra suitcases or suitcases that weight more than the allotted limit. This can be frustrating and ridiculous, but there are ways around it with the right packing strategies.

One of the biggest packing predicaments is not having enough space. The following video shows how with superior packing skills one man fits enough clothing for a month into what could easily be considered a carry-on:

This can offer all of us enormous hope for our packing woes considering we will probably have more space to work with than him and we will not be packing for a month. So how did he do it?

The first thing anyone about to travel should do is make a list of everything they need. Only things on this list are allowed in the bag.

Second, bundle clothes instead of rolling or folding them. This can be described as wrapping things around other things to minimize space consumed. This is difficult with shoes, but you can still make the most of your space by putting socks or other small items in your shoes.

The easiest way to fit everything into your suitcase is to simply pack less stuff. What can you re-wear? Will you be able to do laundry? Do you really need three pairs of shoes? Probably.