Destination: HOME

Kellie Brue, Opinions Editor

If you’re stuck at home for Spring Break or willingly do not want to travel, there are still fun things you can do without even having to drive! With gas prices reaching $4 per gallon you probably don’t even want to. There are fun things to do in almost every city.

1. Go to a park

Heritage Park is a 211-acre park located in Farmington Hills. It includes 4.5 miles of trails for hiking, walking, or bike riding. You can jog to this park as a warm-up run for your hike if you live close enough.

2. Play at an arcade

You live in Novi? Go to Paradise Park center in Novi where you can go laser tagging, play a game of mini bowling, rock-climb walls, bounce on a trampoline, and play arcade games near home.

3. Feeling French?
Visit Good Girls Go to Paris in Detroit’s mid-town area. This restaurant features dinner crepes and dessert crepes to fulfill your sweet tooth or salty cravings.

4. “Just Keep Swimming”

Madison Heights has Red Oaks Waterpark located on 13 Mile Road. Fun water slides and kiddie pools are included at this water park so you don’t have to go to Florida to have a swim.

5. See a different type of movie

In Bloomfield Hills you can see an indie film at the Landmark Maple Art Cinema III. If you’re tired of the regular movie theater you go to on the weekends, take your friends to something new.