Bella Mia Review

Erin Pienta, Editor-in-Chief

Tucked just off Main Street in quiet downtown Plymouth, Bella Mia formal aims to take the average high school girl’s wardrobe to the next level. Walking into the store, you’ll be greeted by their warm staff and lots of girly colors. This store aims to capture the glamorous side tucked away in every girl’s heart.

The store offers a variety of shirts, skirts, dresses, and a jewelry and accessory section that is simply unrivaled in glitz in the small town. As prom season begins to loom near, Bella Mia stocks up on all the hottest trends of the season.

However, while their everyday clothes are excellent, their formal dress section leaves something to be desired. While the store does follow trends, it takes this to an extreme. Instead of carrying classic items, typically dresses are sherbet colored and highly bedazzled. A few of the dresses, while on point with the current times, will definitely have girls looking back asking, “What was I thinking?!”

Despite a few negatives, the store remains an overall hit. Bella Mia may be slightly more expensive than bigger stores like H&M or Forever 21, but the quality of the clothing shows. After taking a dress home nearly two years ago, it still remains like new (so long as it avoids the dryer). It’s hard to walk out empty handed with the eye catching displays and variety of everyday clothes offered.