Spring Break Body

Christina Hadley, Staff Reporter

Spring break is 51 days away, but most people already have their vacation planned down to the last detail. We’re experts at planning ahead when it comes to figuring out where we want to go, who is going with us, and what we should do once we get there. But many people tend to wait for the last week to ‘get in shape’ for spring break, and then begin dangerous crash-diets that can be very harmful to your body, in addition to not helping at all. This year, try using some of these tips to start eating healthier now to prepare for spring break.

1. Eating healthy is much more important that ‘dieting.’ Making the switch from sugary cereals to oatmeal for breakfast is a healthy solution, but simply skipping breakfast all together is not. Don’t expect huge results quickly, but look forward to satisfying, long-term changes.

2. Moderation should be the goal. Don’t create ridged rules and make certain foods ‘off-limits.’ Know what portion sizes should look like, but don’t obsess over calorie-counting or measuring how much to eat. Pay attention to your body and remember that it takes the brain a few minutes to realize that the stomach is full.

3. Exercise is important to losing weight. Jogging is one of the best ways to burn calories, but picking up a team sport is often more fun and the commitment to the team provides a greater motivation. Just be careful to not grab a donut after exercising! Remember to continue to eat healthy and perhaps eat an apple instead.

4. Finally, it is very important to not worry too much about your weight or shape. Eating healthy is great and essential, but it will not magically make you lose twenty pounds in two weeks (which would be extremely unhealthy anyways) and it will not transform your body shape. Focus on eating healthier rather than losing pounds.