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Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Some like it Hot, Some like it Cold

Can’t stand spending another Christmas choking down Aunt Betsy’s rock hard fruitcake?  Just want to have a relaxing change of scenery, and maybe study for finals by a pool rather than in your drafty, cluttered room? A trip, to some where warm or cold, could be just what you need.

Warm destinations definitely have more perks for many people in Michigan, who won’t see the sun again until Easter (and only then because everyone goes to Florida for spring break).  One of the most popular warm vacations to consider is a cruise to the tropics.  Taking a cruise is an easy way to travel to someplace warm, whether you want to go to Mexico or to the Caribbean.

Anna Hominga, junior, said, “I like cruises because I get to see more than one place in the world during a trip and, of course, the unlimited food!”

Cruises have a variety of activities planned around the clock, so everybody is always entertained.  It’s also a non-stressor for parents—parents can relax in the adults only pool, knowing that their children are safe and somewhere nearby.  The food—one of the greatest perks—is usually included in the price, and there is always something delicious available.

Traveling to a hotel in a warmer part of the country is also a good option.  Florida and California are obvious choices, but there are also many good destinations that are often overlooked.  Alabama’s Gulf Shores are beautiful and warm, as are the beaches of Puerto Rico.

The biggest downfall to migrating to a warmer area for a week is the cost.  Airfare has become incredibly expensive. The price of the plane ticket might equal the price you pay to embark on a cruise in Florida or Puerto Rico.  Hotels are also costly, and in these difficult economic times people don’t always have the money to spare.

Traveling to somewhere cold can be much less expensive. Of course, a ski trip to Colorado or New England will surround you with beautiful scenery, but that would probably be just as expensive as a Caribbean cruise.  Taking a car trip up north to Nubs Nob or Boyne Highlands can offer you many of the same perks—perhaps on a smaller scale—without the excruciating car ride or expensive air fare.  The small up north towns can be charming in the winter, and the ski slopes, while not really comparable to Colorado’s mountains, have their own blend of rustic Michigan beauty.

Take time to relax this year or bond with your family on a ski trip.  Even if you can’t take a long vacation, take a day to visit Frankenmuth or go for a weekend to Mackinac Island.  Whether you are traveling to a cold or warm destination, enjoy relaxing times with your family.

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