Service: The Best Gift of All

Chloe Henderson, Staff Reporter

As we look forward to our Christmas break and wonderful times with family and friends, remember that the holiday season is often the most difficult time for the less fortunate.  Many people do not have a warm home, gifs to share, good health, or the love of family and friends.  There are many ways to be of service to the less fortunate.  Service fills our hearts with joy as much as it fills the hearts of those we serve.  Here are a few ways to spread joy this holiday season:

1. Donate to Salvation Army

Even your spare change is greatly appreciated by the Salvation Army bell ringers as you are going in and out of stores this Christmas.

2. Serve a meal at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen in Detroit

The Capuchin Soup Kitchen offers an excellent opportunity to serve meals directly to families in need.

3. Donate gifts or time to the children’s wing of your local hospital

Help brighten the holiday season for a child who is struggling with poor health by taking a few hours to donate gifts or spend time at their bedside.