Don’t Let Santa Break the Bank

Megan Bolton, Staff Reporter

With the holidays quickly approaching, the anticipation builds.  We wait hopefully for snow, Christmas break, turkey dinners, snow days, and Christmas carols.  All of the things that make this season extra special. 

However, this season also tends to create a hole in our pockets.  When paying for decorations, family meals, vacation getaways, and lots of presents, the costs can quickly add up.  If you are afraid of blowing every dollar to your name, don’t worry.  There are ways to avoid it. 

Make it Yourself:

  • Try your hand at baking – from muffins to scones to bunt cakes, homemade treats are always delicious & well appreciated!
  • Make a CD of your favorite Christmas carols to give away as gifts.  Decorate a case with your own special design to store it in.
  • Make a no-sew fleece blanket in fabric that reflects the personality of the recipient.  They are comfortable, warm, and very easy to make if you aren’t Martha Stewart.
  • Create a collage of treasured photos and memorabilia using simple craft supplies.  They can be hung or displayed, and give a bare room a special touch. 

Bargain Hunting:

  • Look online, through the papers, or on the radio for sales at stores.  Whether for the grocery store or a shopping mall, discounts are advertised everywhere. 
  • Vintage and second-hand stores can become your best friend.  They are unique, one of a kind, and can offer great deals.  Just make sure to wash any clothing you buy before you put it on!
  • Have a rewards card for a certain store?  Places like The Gap and Macy’s send out certain coupons for being a rewards member.  Accumulate them and use them all at once for extra deals on things like shoes, cosmetics, and clothing.