Cutting an Apple with an Apple


Kathleen Abenes, Web Editor

From shrimp and carrots, to bread and apples, the MacBook Air’s edges are sharp enough to slice through a variety of foods. Coincidentally, Apple describes its MacBook Air as “durable and ready for anything.” Apparently, anything also includes doubling as a kitchen knife.

Apple released its ultra-thin MacBook Air laptop in 2008. Its sleek, lightweight design is appealing to many people around the world, including a Japanese man who has found another use for the laptop. While unconventional, he, along with numerous other people, have taken to featuring the Apple computer in different cooking videos.

As a warning, it is highly unadvisable to attempt this at home with your own MacBook Air, although, it really does make you wonder why anyone would think of using an expensive laptop as a knife to cut food.

Nonetheless, it makes you think about what other unconventional uses items around your house have. Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover than your hair dryer will do something other than drying or that your nail polish has more uses than just making your nails pretty. Whatever it is, it’s food for thought (or in the case of cutting food with a Macbook Air, it’s food with a laptop).