A New Back to School You

Monica Shammas, Entertainment Editor

The beginning of a new school year is bittersweet. Finally, one year closer to the rest of your life, but yet another year of all-night study sessions, stress, after-school responsibilities, and not to mention, the loads of homework. With the new year, however, is also the chance to make some new changes. Regardless of what grade you’re in, there’s always an opportunity to improve yourself and your time at Mercy High. Here is some advice for those of you looking to do so.

Freshmen: You’ve heard it before, and I’ll say it again: high school really is the best four years of your life, especially at a place like Mercy. Get to know all of your classmates, join every single club you’re interested in, sit in different parts of the cafeteria, go to the Media Center, befriend your teachers and learn to love your tablet; you’re gonna have it for a while. You’re only going to be a freshman once, enjoy every minute of it — from Field Day to Moving Up; this is your time to shine and really find yourself.

Sophomores: Sophomore year is kind of that awkward middle stage; embrace it. You’re at the point where you can sometimes qualify as a kid and sometimes as an adult. Take advantage of the few mornings you have left when you don’t have to drive yourself to school or maneuver yourself out of the insanity that is the Mercy parking lot. Rock your plaid skirt for one last year, enjoy not hearing the words ACT or college or future or career on a daily basis, get to know the freshmen and the juniors, and savor your last year free of AP classes. Sophomore year is your last year before the seriousness and pressure of college really sets in; goof off and cherish the moments free of that stress.

Juniors: Welcome aboard the struggle bus! On this lovely ride, you will find ACT prep, college visits, AP classes, the MME, PSAT, and lots of sleepless nights. Throughout all the work, find time to have fun. Take advantage of your driving privileges (and new, later curfew), spend an entire off hour on lolcats.com, make up funny songs to memorize information in APUSH, use sleep deprivation as an excuse for your strange outbursts and learn to perfect your Mercy bun. This is the last year before you are considered a legal adult, so have fun, go crazy, and don’t let the stress get the best of you.

Seniors: You wish you were a senior, ooh ah! I’m sure I’m not the only one excited to chant that at Field Day, but before you get ahead of yourself, take a second to stop and really spend some quality time with your Mercy sisters. Regardless of how good of friends you are, this is truly your last year to spend time with the girls you’ve grown to call family. College is such a short time away; don’t waste your time holding grudges or being “too-cool-for-school.” Wear your uniform every single day, show a freshman how to get to class, or count the steps it takes to get from the E-hall to the cafeteria; this is your last chance to really be a Mercy girl. Don’t let college applications, rejections, deferrals, and even acceptances define your senior year; enjoy what’s left of high school because the real world, filled with responsibilities, is coming fast.