Inspirational Blind Woman Tells the World to Open Their Eyes

Inspirational Blind Woman Tells the World to Open Their Eyes

Gail McWilliams’s story inspires many to find the joy that awaits in the little moments in life.

Abbey Lovat, Sports Editor

Gail McWilliams is a woman with a purpose. Her purpose is to educate, motivate, challenge, and inspire people around the country to choose life. She is a pro life advocate with a personal tie to the controversial issue.

Her and her husband, Tony, chose life despite a doctor’s push for an abortion. McWilliams’ own health, particularly her eyesight, was in jeopardy. Despite the risk of blindness, McWilliams chose life for her child, and now enjoys the miracle of her five children. As a result, McWilliams is totally blind.

She speaks around the country, and in her talks, she says that it was not even a decision. Life is more important than anything. She challenges her audiences to make a love life and all its implications our top priority. She inspires her listeners to be proactive in trying to save lives and have those lives enjoy the life they are meant to have.

McWilliams’ message reaches beyond politics and social views. Her request is for people to choose life every day. The “death culture” of abortion on demand, puts babies’ lives at risk as well as our country’s future. McWilliams’ story is compelling, and she is using her personal experience to inspire a change.

The consequence of her choice of life was blindness. She accepts this with a brave face and a strong spirit. This physical impediment can be challenging at times; however, McWilliams certainly sees the world as it is, and she has a vision of what it should be like.

She is a captivating speaker with a great sense of humor. She mixes humor in with her uplifting message that is both inspiring and hopeful. Her message is pro life, but the underlying message is for the world to open its eyes. She calls on us to see the injustices and work to change them.