Fashion Don’t: Cropped Pants

Kathryn Costello, Staff Reporter

Girls wear all different types of pants. Whether it’s skinny jeans, dress pants, khakis, hardtails, or leggings, Mercy girls find a way to look their best. However, one trend should be left at home in the closet: cropped pants.

Despite the unflattering cut, this style of pants was seen at the likes of Stella McCartney, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. These pants might look good on that 5’10 model, but don’t let her good looks deceive you; even she would not be caught dead in these pants.

“These pants are just awkward,” said junior Alex Abowd. “The length of the pants just made me look short and frumpy.”

Instead of wearing these pants, just stick to the classic skinny cut or regular jeans. They might be boring, but at least they look good.