Beliebers get justice


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In an interview with Rolling Stone, Bieber revealed that his goal with the album Justice was to create music that people could relate and connect with to feel less alone especially amid the pandemic, which has caused suffering and pain for millions.

Madeline Sullivan

On Valentine’s Day in 2020, pop icon Justin Bieber released his fifth studio album, Changes. Bieber’s album fused elements of R&B along with pop and trap components, and featured guest vocalists such as Post Malone and Travis Scott. Changes was Bieber’s first album in nearly five years, as his fourth studio album, Purpose, was released in 2015. And with lots of promotional content from Bieber such as his appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show and his YouTube documentary series, Seasons, fans were eager for the album’s release. However, many were very underwhelmed by the album. Listeners felt the album lacked variety, as many of the tracks sounded very similar. Additionally, one of the album’s lead singles, Yummy, was found by listeners to be repetitive and, to put it plainly, annoying. 

With that being said, when Bieber announced the upcoming release of his sixth studio album, Justice, fans were anxious to see if Bieber could come back from his disappointing previous album. Bieber dropped Justice on March 19, 2021, featuring artists like Chance the Rapper, Khalid, and DaBaby. Critics praised Bieber’s vocal execution and the album’s production. Many, however, felt the songs lacked strong lyrics and questioned the album’s concept. Despite some criticism, the album was well received overall as it debuted at number one on the U.S. Billboard 200, and was certified gold only 10 days after its release by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). This album is one of my favorites currently, and songs like Deserve You and Peaches are some of the “feel good” songs I favor from the album. Overall, it’s safe to say Bieber redeemed himself with his newest album, Justice, after the disappointment of Changes, and I recommend you give it a listen and determine whether you feel the Beliebers got justice.