iCarly: now on Netflix


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The iconic iCarly cast now appears on Netflix to give their fans a bit of nostalgic entertainment.

A childhood favorite for many of the gen-z and millennials, has just been released on Netflix, iCarly. Although iCarly was originally aired in 2007, the six season show is now available for much easier access with a Netflix subscription. The views of iCarly have skyrocketed since it was released last week, and is currently the number two show on Netflix. Fans are excited, except for the unfortunate fact that Netflix only released two of the six seasons.

This iconic Nickelodeon series follows a group of three teenagers who have a famous webcast that they make each week. Carly (Miranda Cosgrove), Freddie (Nathan Kress), and Sam (Jeannette McCurdy) are the main characters and did an amazing job acting in a hilarious show that one could watch for hours, that still stands true to this day. The audience of millennials is looking for a nostalgic show to watch, while the younger portion of the Generation Z is just being introduced to iCarly. This is a bit of a tease though considering the small portion of the show that Netflix released. One of the best parts of watching a show like iCarly is watching the characters get older, and watch them transform, which viewers are not able to see on Netflix. So the question is, will Netflix release the rest of the show to their unsatisfied fans, or leave them hanging?