The Grammys: flawed or faultless?


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The Weeknd’s album “After Hours” was a huge success, with the lead single “Blinding Lights” breaking the record for the most weeks on Billboard’s Top 100.

There was great anticipation for the release of the 2021 Grammy nominations; however, many were not pleased with this year’s nominees. 

This year’s nominations were so disappointing that TikTok users even started a trend to bring awareness to the unfairness of the Grammys by reminiscing on when they first realized that the Grammys were “flawed.”

Not only have people noted the Grammys’ tendency to give awards based more on popularity rather than authenticity, but many have noticed a lack of representation among the nominees and the winners. In past years, talented artists have deliberately chosen not to be considered for a Grammy nomination. Frank Ocean in 2017, for example, cited the “dated” voting process and lack of representation for why he did not want consideration.

This year, people were most upset with the absence of The Weeknd in the nominations. The Canadian popstar released his album “After Hours” in March, and it was one of the most successful albums of 2020, so many were stunned that the singer received zero nominations. The Weeknd himself even took to Twitter to address his dismay with the tweet, “The Grammys remain corrupt.”

The Grammys will be hosted on Jan. 31, 2021, and the winners will be revealed. Until then, let’s hope that the Grammys’ owner, the Recording Academy, will listen to what is being said and consider these concerns when deciding the winners.