Disney premieres newest live action film, Mulan


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Mulan is one of many Disney live-action installments of Disney original animated films.

On September 4, Mulan, the live-action remake of Disney’s 1988 animated film of the same name, premiered on Disney+. 

The movie was originally scheduled to be released to theaters in March; however, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the original premiere was cancelled and, instead of theatrical viewing, the film premiered on Disney+. It is now available to Disney+ subscribers for a premium fee of $30, but it will be accessible to all Disney+ subscribers without an additional fee on December 4.

The film follows the journey of a fearless young woman, named Mulan, who, after China is attacked by invaders and the emperor calls for one man from every family to join the military, selflessly risks everything she has by taking her father’s place. Mulan overcomes the challenges of societal rejection and female oppression to ultimately become one of the greatest warriors known to China.

Despite critics’ mixed reviews of the film and Disney+ subscribers’ frustration about the additional fee required to view the movie, Mulan is an inspirational and empowering movie as it showcases Mulan’s ability to overcome obstacles through her strength, resilience and bravery.