Tame Impala’s new album: “The Slow Rush”


Tame Impala releases “The Slow Rush” after only releasing a few singles since his last album in 2015. Fair use: Instagram

A more popular one-man band, Tame Impala (Kevin Parker), just released his new album, The Slow Rush, on Valentine’s Day. Though Tame Impala is almost never played on the radio, this album was eagerly awaited and happily received by long-time fans. His music encapsulates a psychedelic-techno theme throughout every song, making each one a different experience.

Leading up to the album, Tame Impala released four singles, giving listeners a taste of what was coming next. The first single, “Borderline”, reminded listeners of his musical persona with catchy and impressive beats, communicating a happy feeling to anyone who heard it. After that, he released “It Might Be Time”, with an exciting vibe that keeps getting more intense as the song plays—finished with a minute and a half of a rock-band solo, of course. Then two months later, “Posthumous Forgiveness” was released. This song starts slow, similar to his most popular song, “The Less I Know The Better”, but intensifies by the second. The final release before the album was “Lost In Yesterday” and arguably is the most fun song on the album. This song truly does allow one to get “lost” in its array of sounds and beats.

Finally, the album debuted leading with “One More Year” with a chorale but electric feel. Though lengthy, “One More Hour” (seven minutes and 13 seconds), just shows how Tame Impala has fun with his music and lets a song take as long as it needs to reach its maximum potential. “Breathe Deeper”, “On Track”, and “Tomorrow’s Dust”, (despite their long intros) all contain an extremely catchy chorus that just makes you want to relax. These lengthy tunes are typical of Tame Impala, which make him unique and lets listeners hear his musical genius. “Is It True” is such an exciting song that makes you want to jump up and dance. Lastly, “Glimmer” starts with what seems to be a phone call, then dives into an incredible band solo with techno vibes.

Regardless if you have ever listened to or even heard of Tame Impala, The Slow Rush reminds listeners of what true music sounds like, with a more modern twist.