Quiz bowl questions and answers!


Q: People lacking the Duffy antigen are more resistant to the vivax species that causes this disease treated with artemisinin, while those with the sickle cell trait are protected from another of its causative parasites, Plasmodium falciparum. Name this mosquito-borne illness.

A: Malaria 


Q: The change in this value is defined as the integral of force with respect to time. A system’s invariance under spatial translations leads to this quantity’s conservation, which is observed in both elastic and inelastic collisions. What quantity equals mass times velocity?

A: (Linear) momentum


Q: The type Ia class of these events occurs due to carbon fusion in a white dwarf that approaches the Chandrasekhar limit. The Crab Nebula was created by one of these events witnessed by Chinese astronomers in AD 1054. Name these extremely powerful stellar explosions. 

A: Supernovas/supernovae


Q: This man is the subject of The Concept of Irony, which was Søren Kierkegaard’s doctoral thesis. This man suggested that he deserved to receive free meals at the Prytaneum trial for “corrupting the youth” of Athens. The Apology is spoken by what teacher of Plato?

A: Socrates