Is “The Bachelor” worth your time?


Peter Webber showing off his rose that he will later hand off to a women that he sees a future with. Fair use: Instagram

ABC’s series The Bachelor premiered its 18th season this January and had a total of six million viewers. The love in the air, dramatic girls, and mere excitement of the competition seems to draw huge numbers of viewers each season. Whether it’s out of boredom, a guilty pleasure, or a tradition, six million people are giving in to watch this fun yet superficial and shallow show. So, what makes The Bachelor so popular even though it communicates an unrealistic message to viewers?

The common themes in each season consist of a man coming from the previous season “heartbroken” and looking for a wife. Thirty women, who are specially chosen through a long application process, show up to the mansion in Los Angeles, California looking their best and ready to vow for the bachelor’s heart. The bachelor dates all the women, each week sends a few home, and by the last episode he proposes to the woman he chooses to be his wife. This show is extremely entertaining, even if you do not agree with the process. Women constantly fight and cry over silly things that keep you hanging on the edge of your seat or laughing so hard you can’t breathe. The mere idea of two people finding love in a span of seven weeks and then getting married, the amazing places the group travels to each season, and the dates who look super and inspiring are some of the factors that draw people to the show, and make it almost irresistible. 

Although The Bachelor is certainly entertaining, there are some unrealistic standards that are portrayed in every season of the show and may be toxic for young girls. Giving people the idea that seven weeks is a long enough time to decide if you want to marry someone, the unrealistic beauty of every girl, and the idea of women fighting over one man all diminish the value of women. So, the next time you flip on The Bachelor, think about what is really going on.