“Fine Line” album review


Harry Styles released his album “Fine Line”, more than two years after his first album as a solo artist, also surprising fans in early November with news of a World Tour in 2020. Fair use: Instagram

Harry Styles, former member of the band One Direction, released his long-awaited second solo album on December 13. If you’ve listened to his debut album, it comes as no surprise that Fine Line would be a major hit as well. Yet, fans will definitely hear a different side of Harry Styles in this new album as he combines his usual pop-star style with some influences of rock and soul. 

Styles released three singles in the past month, sending fans into a complete frenzy. “Lights Up”, the first single, was an automatic hit with its psychedelic and modern feeling, different from anything Styles has ever put forward. The music video has now grossed over 40 million views on YouTube.  This was followed by “Watermelon Sugar”, which gave off a similar rock sound as the song “Kiwi” from his last album. “Adore You”, released just one week before the rest of the album, ultimately gives a sneak peak of the vibrant style of music carried out through the remainder of the album. 

“Golden”, the opening track on the album, is probably the best one to listen to first, as it sets a great tone for the songs to come. This upbeat rhythm continues even more into “Sunflower, Vol. 6” and “Canyon Moon”, two songs that you can’t help but smile when you hear them. “She” and “Falling” directly contrast these songs, however, with a more somber and heartfelt tune. Both sound like odes to his past relationships and heartbreak, conveyed especially by the moody piano solo in “Falling”.

Unlike his One Direction counterparts, it seems that Styles is still experimenting with a variety of sounds. He ranges from head-swaying songs with a more relaxed attitude, to songs like “Cherry” and “To Be So Lonely” that would be perfect to listen to on repeat. The album finishes out with a true anthem with a gospel-like sound, “Treat People With Kindness” (a popular motto Styles promotes), and the song the album is named after, “Fine Line”. This song resembles the official ending of a past relationship and gives audiences an emotional closing to his album. 

No matter what song you listen to on this album, there is definitely something for everyone. From the dramatic and somber tracks to his vivid and bright sounding hits, it’s safe to say Styles put forward a soon-to-be record breaking album for fans.