“Frozen 2” melts audiences’ hearts


“Frozen 2” is filled with adventure, comedy, magic, and sisterly love for the whole family to enjoy and melt the hearts of all who watch. Fair use: Instagram

As the six-year anniversary of Frozen arrives, many children and their parents are flocking to theaters once more to view the sequel, Frozen 2, to take part in the magic all over again. 


The sequel brings back the original characters including: Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven, as well as introducing new ones along the way. The film is centered around Elsa’s magical origin and gives more insight into the background and death of Anna and Elsa’s parents. 

The movie begins with a young Anna and Elsa listening to their father telling a story of a battle he witnessed with his own father. This story sets the stage for what is to come and leaves the audience with questions that will later be answered. Throughout the beginning of the movie, Elsa hears the sound of someone singing to her, like a siren, and she becomes curious. Eventually, she figures out the sound is coming from the enchanted forest near Arendelle and the whole crew embarks on an adventure into the forest. 

Along the way, they meet the people of Northuldra who live in the forest. This encounter sheds light on a battle that broke out between Arendelle soldiers and the Northuldra people, which ended up getting the forest blocked off. 

As the story continues, Elsa and Anna set off on their own, only to find their parents’ wrecked ship and discover their intended destination: Ahothallan. The reason behind their journey is to uncover Elsa’s magical origins and how she attained them. Along with this breaking news, the sisters find out their mother was Northuldran.

After this, Elsa decides she must go to Ahothallan alone to discover her magic’s origin and leaves Anna and Olaf in the process. Once she reaches Ahothallan, Elsa discovers her mother was the sound she was hearing and learns that her and Anna’s grandfather was responsible for the conflict between Arendelle and the Northuldran people. Elsa becomes frozen after learning this information, but manages to send a message to Anna to inform her of the happenings.

As Anna receives the information, she realizes she must break the dam that separates the forest and Arendelle to make peace. After doing so, Elsa is named the fifth spirit alongside fire, water, earth, and air. In the end, Elsa stays in the forest and Anna becomes Queen of Arendelle. 

The movie finishes with the classic Disney ending of the characters achieving their “happily ever after”, but within Frozen 2, there are many underlying messages, especially the power of love and sisterhood. Frozen 2 gives audiences a nice sense of closure to the stories of Anna and Elsa and provides a wondrous tale for future generations.