One Direction’s new direction


Harry Styles (top left), Louis Tomlinson (top right), Niall Horan (bottom left), and Zayn Malik (bottom right) album and single covers that will be released in the next few months. Fair use: Wikipedia

It’s 2011 and the new boy band One Direction has come out with their first single “What Makes You Beautiful.” Every teenager and pre- teen is obsessed with each member and the band as a whole. Sadly, after 2015, the boy band that had every girl’s heart split up started their own individual careers in the music industry.

Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik have all been successful. Payne came out with an album in 2019 called LP1 and Malik came out with two albums called Mind of Mine (2016) and Icarus Falls (2018). Malik has teased the release of his upcoming new single “Flames” by posting the track’s artwork on Instagram. As for Harry, Niall, and Louis, they have all been very busy in the past and even more recently. 

Styles came out with his self titled album, Harry Styles (2017), and hasn’t made any new music since. However, Styles released his hit single “Lights Up” on October 11 and received an 80 percent rating from Rolling Stone magazine. The former One Direction member announced on social media earlier this month that his new album will be titled Fine Line, and will be released on December 13. 

Similar to Styles, Niall also released an album in 2018 called Flicker and promised his fans another album by early 2020. He debuted his new song called “Nice to Meet Ya” and is releasing an album soon. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Horan revealed that his new album, NH2, will be more up-tempo, compared to his last album which consisted of mostly slower songs. 

Along with Styles and Horan, Louis Tomlinson has also been busy in the studio getting ready to release his album on January 31, 2020. The 12-song album will feature the two singles he dropped this year: “Two of Us” and “Kill My Mind.” Tomlinson will be the final member of One Direction to release a full-length solo album.