Night one recap of “The Bachelorette”


The 24 year old star of ABC’s The Bachelorette waits for the contestants to introduce themselves and make their first impression of the season. Fair Use: Instagram

The season 15 premiere of ABC’s The Bachelorette left a majority of its viewers wanting more. The choice of the new star, Hannah Brown, was a hotly-debated topic after the show’s announcement in March and her appearance in this first episode was simply underwhelming. A pageant queen, the youngest ever bachelorette, and a contestant that never made it to the final four, it would be an understatement to say she didn’t shock many people. After she was dumped on last season’s The Bachelor, many people were expecting a totally new take on the usually cookie-cutter type of show with this unique choice of a contestant— yet the typical drama ensued and the rest of the season is almost predictable.

All 30 of the male contestants this season are replicas of every contestant ever to participate in the show. There’s the weird, the emotional, the obnoxious, and the overly confident, all fighting to win over not only the bachelorette, but the attention of all viewers. Meanwhile, Hannah is no different than every bachelor or bachelorette, claiming she’s just “looking for love” and most likely will assert she’s fallen in love with five different men in two episodes.

Mercy junior Katie Leonard has been a long-time fan of the show and was anxious for this new season, but was also underwhelmed by the outcome.

“Hannah clearly picked the boys she found most attractive,” Leonard said. “I thought the episode was the same as it has been for the past five seasons I’ve watched.”

Several times throughout the episode, Hannah is already complaining about the struggles to find love, despite having 30 available men in front of her. The drama, an expected element of the show, begins when Hannah finds out one of the men is there for the wrong reasons and still has a girlfriend at home. The only interesting part of the premiere was a contestant being sent home immediately. Other than that, the viewers were expecting some problematic issue to arise that in the end, had no real effect on the show.

Essentially, the entire episode was nothing but what you would expect from a reality TV show. From men claiming they were there solely because of Hannah or saying they are “looking for that true love,” nothing new or completely unexpected was revealed. Besides their innovative and slightly creepy, over-the-top entrances, the men offered no unique component to the show. If you haven’t seen the episode yet or are planning to continue watching the season, slight disclaimer: it’s not going to be any different than the 14 seasons you’ve already seen.