Revival of the Jonas Brothers


Images of Joe, Nick, and Kevin Jonas from 2019 with their 2013 selves behind them. Fair use: Creative Commons

In the year 2013, the Jonas Brothers were a household name. They had their own TV show, Jonas, their music was a must at most girls’ parties, and everyone wanted to go see them on tour. Sadly, that was also the year that the beloved Jonas Brothers broke up their band.

Nick, Joe, and Kevin moved on with their own individual careers. Nick has been acting in movies like Jumanji and is singing still, Joe has been heavily involved in the band DNCE, and Kevin has started a beautiful family with a wife and two children. Although they moved on and had their differences, the boys were still very close and supportive of each other.

This past year, they decided to film a documentary of their lives leading to where they are now. This documentary would cover their band, the show Jonas, their time with the movie Camp Rock, and everything in between. This was what led to them officially getting back together.

They started by taking over The Late Late Show with James Corden for a week. Nick Jonas admitted on the show that while shooting the documentary to be released through Amazon, they “literally spent a year basically doing therapy” in order to work out some of their disagreements and where the band’s direction would be headed.

Thankfully after that, everything was worked out and fans were gifted with the first single released since 2013, “Sucker”. The Jonas Brothers will now go by the name JONAS and have a new, more mature sound. They released a music video to go along with this song featuring all of their significant others in it as well.

Talk of an upcoming tour has been happening too, featuring their new work and some old fan-favorites. All-in-all it looks like JONAS is back and here to stay.