Movie review: Christopher Robin


Christopher Robin, rated PG, hit theaters August 3, 2018. Fair Use: photo from Instagram

Disney’s Christopher Robin is a whimsical new film guaranteed to warm the hearts of audience members. A character as timeless as Winnie the Pooh has been a symbol of childhood and happiness since 1926. Everyone from young children to their grandparents love this “silly old bear,” making Christopher Robin a perfect film for all.

The movie opens with Pooh and the rest of his friends in Hundred Acre Woods, celebrating Christopher Robin’s birthday. As the film progresses, Robin is all grown up and has a family of his own when he forgets all about his old playtime friends and is solely focused on work. He loses sight of the things truly important in life, such as his wife and daughter, until he is reunited with Pooh. Robin and Pooh embark on another one of their famous adventures and by the end of the movie, Robin’s perspective on the world, and consequently on his life, are positively changed, thanks to Pooh.

Ewan McGregor, who can also be seen in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and Star Wars, does an incredible job of accurately portraying Christopher Robin as an adult. He is able to display his emotions very well, which draws the audience in and helps them connect with the story. For example, in a scene where Robin falls into a heffalump trap and cannot get out, McGregor’s expression of fear and helplessness keeps many on the edge of their seat.

The use of weather to demonstrate the mood of the film is brilliant. For example, when Robin and Pooh get lost in the woods, they are almost engulfed by fog and eerie skies. Towards the end of the story when Robin’s family is enjoying a picnic, the weather is sunny and the lighting casts a somewhat calming atmosphere. These elements bring the message of the story across in a more vivid sense than the dialogue can do alone.

While the plot is filled with with many humorous and light-hearted moments to amuse both younger and older audiences, the deeper messages in the film are very powerful and relevant. The point of the movie is to emphasize that a change in perspective can change your entire life. Pooh teaches Robin and the audience to focus on the things in life that bring one true happiness, and to center your life around family and friends instead of work and obligations.

Critics are giving Christopher Robin fairly positive reviews. Personally, I really enjoyed this movie and rate it a 9/10. I would recommend the film to anyone who has not seen it because there is something for everyone to enjoy in this feel-good movie.