Supergirl fails to deliver powerful punch for season opener


From their season three premiere on October 9, 2017, the cast of Supergirl has expanded to include Nicole Maines, David Ajala, and April Parker Parker Jones. Fair Use: photo from Instagram

Since 2015, CW’s Supergirl has tackled issues surrounding equality, immigration and female empowerment, while delivering prime television drama to its average of 1.9 million viewers each week. Supergirl premiered its fourth season on October 14, introducing new characters and continuing old story lines.

For those not familiar with previous seasons of the show, Kara Danvers played by Melissa Benoist, lives undercover as a reporter during the day, while working with the Dept. of Extra-Normal Operations (DEO) as Supergirl whenever trouble arises. Similar to Clark Kent, Kara struggles to balance her social life and job with her duties to Earth.

For the past three years, producers and directors have worked to create a series that destroys typical gender stereotypes and lifts up the female audience they cater to. As the title suggests, empowerment is continuously emphasized. The show has shifted its focus to immigration issues, similar to those in our society today. At the end of season three, the show focused on the integration of aliens and humans. These aliens were stopped from integrating with humans since they didn’t look the same or talk the same as the people on Earth.

However, while the show has received 92 percent favorable ratings for seasons one and two on Rotten Tomatoes, ratings dropped to 82 percent for the third season.

“I really thought the first episode let down my expectations,” said senior Sarah Gormley. “From last season, I had high expectations for this episode.”

While old character arcs were revived, such as Kara’s ever present love life and mysterious family relationships, three new actors were introduced in the season’s beginning. While it is not clear what their roles will become, the diversity shown through these characters is refreshing.

Episode one of this season may have disappointed viewers, but it still holds promise for the rest of the season. Supergirl airs on Sundays at 8 p.m. on the CW Network.