Christmas in autumn?


The question of if it’s too soon to start the Christmas traditions and holiday preparations before the calendar turns to Decembers sparks a debate amongst many people. (Photo credit: Sydney Hughes)

With all the gift-buying, Christmas tree decorating, and caroling, it’s the most wonderful time of the year . . . sort of.

The spirit of Christmas is finally here, but there is one problem—it isn’t December yet. Stores have already put up holiday decorations, houses have Christmas lights, and radio stations have been playing Christmas music since the day after Halloween.  Though the baking of warm Christmas cookies and competition for the ugliest Christmas sweater are joyous activities that accompany the Christmas season, is it too soon to begin these festivities?  Mercy freshman Jaeda Porter does not seem to think so.

“I like to get into the holiday spirit early,” stated Porter. “I think it’s fine that [radio stations and stores] play Christmas music and get into the spirit early because I think that November and December kind of just mesh together with Thanksgiving and Christmas, so it just kind of seems like one big month to me.”

On the other hand, senior Carmen Compton feels as though Christmas is a holiday whose celebration should be confined to December.

“Right after Thanksgiving, and on Thanksgiving break, I definitely jam out to Christmas music and do other Christmas stuff,” stated Compton. “But it makes me a little uncomfortable [to do Christmas stuff right after Halloween] just because it’s Halloween. I don’t mind if other people are doing it, but I personally would not choose to do that.”

Various stores clearly have their own interests in mind when playing Christmas tunes, spreading fake snow everywhere, and having ‘Santa’ sitting on his throne so far in advance. With Christmas being one of the most profitable holidays, most retailers want to give customers the urge to begin holiday shopping. Stores are always looking for new ways to market their products to the public, so what better way to accomplish that than by playing Christmas music on a loop and hanging paper snowflakes throughout their store?

“I think the stores are ready to get into the season and are hyped up for Christmas,” said Compton.

Despite the ongoing debate over when Christmas preparations should begin, Christmas, it seems, has already arrived.