Haunted house Youtube video goes viral


Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights is active from Sept.19 to Nov. 1 and features haunted houses, shows, and more (Photo Credit: Nicole Di Ponio).

It’s that season when girls and boys head into haunted houses and prepare to be frightened. Every year Ellen DeGeneres sends Amy, one of her employees, into a haunted house to face the horror. However, this year she decided to make it interesting and sent her producer, Andy, in with Amy.

The two went to Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights, and traversed through the Walking Dead Maze. The video begins with the two trying to stay positive. They say things like: “We know they’re coming,” and “I see this so [it] isn’t scary.” As they get farther into the maze, Andy begins to hide behind Amy and scream “stop it” to all the actors.

Recently, freshman counselor Ms. Trish Brown, sent this and a few other Halloween videos to the freshman class.

“Getting this video made my day,” said freshman Sophie Lamphier. “I thought it was so funny and I couldn’t stop laughing.”

The video went viral in just a few days.

Both Amy and Andy were then sent to the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor haunted house. It was circus-themed and included mimes, mirrors, jokers, and faces that popped-out.

This house was scarier than the first, according to Amy and Andy. The actors chased them throughout the house. One of the most frightening moments for Amy was when an actress said her name.

“The second video was really funny too,” said Lamphier. “I loved the part where [Amy] started screaming about the mimes…. It was just a really funny video and was a nice study break.”