The Ultimate Christmas Playlist


Listening to music has been known to help to stimulate the brain while studying.

Listening to music has been known to help to stimulate the brain while studying.
Listening to music has been known to help to stimulate the brain while studying.

With Christmas just around the corner and finals study guides being posted, life can easily become a little overwhelming. The solution to this dilemma is not just a peppermint mocha from Starbucks, but an eclectic playlist of Christmas songs being played as you study for finals.  Below is a list of five Christmas songs that are guaranteed to put you in a cheerful mood.

1.      “Mary, did you know?”- Cee Lo Green

Cee Lo Green’s soothing, soulful voice will surely automatically brighten your mood, especially when he is singing such a great melody. The song’s lyrics are a series of questions directed to Mary, the mother of Jesus, asking her if she could ever imagine how great her son would be.

2.      “Last Christmas” – Ariana Grande

Best known for her collaboration with Mac Miller, “The Way”, this fiery redhead is back with her own take on the classic song “Last Christmas” originally sung by the band Wham. Grande’s voice can best be described as a mixture of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey and in “Last Christmas” she does an excellent job of showing her vocal range and even gives the song more of an R&B, pop feel.

3.      “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”- Mariah Carey

No Christmas playlist would be complete without at least one Mariah Carey song. We all have the special person that we’d like to meet under the mistletoe, or possibly take to A-Ball, and this song truly speaks to how much you need that special someone during the holidays. “They’re singing ‘Deck the Halls’, but it’s not like Christmas at all,/’Cause I remember when you were here”, is just a snippet of some of the great lyrics that Carey belts out in this crowd-pleaser.

4.      “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”- Michael Bublé

It’s safe to say that everyone needs a little Michael Bublé in their lives, or at the very least on their Christmas playlist. With his angelic face and silky voice, what’s not to love? Although almost every singer has covered “Santa Claus is coming to Town”, Bublé’s take on the classic jingle has a swing dance vibe to it and will have you tapping your feet in no time.

5.      “Only thing I ever get for Christmas”- Justin Bieber

In this day and age the one thing that most teenage girls wouldn’t mind receiving for Christmas would most likely be Justin Bieber. Once again Bieber has made girls swoon over his endless runs and mesmerizing lyrics in this original Christmas song. While listening to this song, not only will you get in the holiday spirit, but your heart will warm just at the thought of Justin.