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Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


A Game Worth Watching

Young Adults like protagonist Ender are taught about the enemy in futuristic classrooms.
In Enders’s Game, young adults, like protagonist Ender, are taught about the enemy in futuristic classrooms.  Photo Credit: MCT Wire

Ender’s Game is a delicious surprise that does not fail to deliver entertainment, especially if you’re a sci-fi fan. All the components of the film are spot on and there is never a boring moment in this contemporary tale of right and wrong.

“It’s an intriguing concept,” said senior Alyse Adolf. “It all plays out very smoothly and the ending is satisfying.”

Set in a somewhat dystopian future, children are taught how to be the perfect fighter in order to weed out one child who can successfully lead others into battle against the enemy, a population of aliens who attacked earth 50 years before. Based on the novel of the same name, the film is fast-paced and action-packed, while the characters are expertly conveyed by the all-star cast. It is a very clever film that makes viewers think while enjoying themselves.

The acting is excellent. Asa Butterfield plays main character Ender Wiggin, with surprising intensity for such a young actor. His performance in the film will no doubt pave his way to future stardom. Abigail Breslin is also quite memorable in a supporting role as Ender’s sister Valentine, whom she portrays with a kindness that is palpable through the screen. Harrison Ford is the perfect fit as Colonel Graff, the head of the program that Ender is put in. Supporting actress Hailee Steinfeld gives an amazing performance as the recruit who helps Ender succeed.

The special effects are astounding, from the scenes that take place in zero gravity to the aliens that comprise the enemy force. Space ships and rocket launches that could fall flat, instead add to the film in order to complete the picture of an ultra-modern world. The setting is futuristic but realistic at the same time, which makes this completely fictional tale believable.

Ender’s Game is definitely worth seeing if you find yourself constantly bored while at the movies. The story is fun and enthralling and there is never a dull moment in this action-packed movie. Don’t miss this surprisingly entertaining film. It is a rare success in the genre of star-studded sci-fi.

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