Valentine’s Day Plan for the Unattached

Adelia Davis, Opinion's Editor

For a lot of people this Valentine’s Day will be just like any other Thursday. They will be consumed in their usual routines and lack the warmheartedness of this romantic holiday. But just because you are not in a romantic relationship does not mean you have to treat this occasion as any other day. Here is a list of 30 unusual yet amusing ways to pass the time.

  1. Have a horror movie marathon
  2. Initiate a “selfie war” with a random contact in your phone
  3. Play hide-and-seek in superstore, like Target
  4. Take a dip in a jacuzzi
  5. Make paper cranes
  6. Bake gingerbread men and bite the heads off
  7. Visit Toys R Us to reminisce
  8. Make a Valentine’s Day  card for your pet
  9. Take up a language of love
  10. Take a walk during sunset
  11. Play spoons with your dearest friends
  12. Have a picnic
  13. Visit a museum dressed in Homecoming attire
  14. Camp out in your backyard
  15. Visit the Detroit Zoo (it is open all winter)
  16. Take a Bikram Yoga (“hot” yoga) class
  17. Try out some different hair colors
  18. Reorganize your backpack
  19. Paint pottery
  20. Trade cell phones with your best friend for the night
  21. Practice your Tyra Banks “smize” in the mirror
  22. Have karaoke night and sing only foreign music
  23. Defrag your laptop
  24. Try out new food combinations that start with the same letter, like peanut butter popcorn
  25. Make a YouTube video hanging upside down
  26. Bake a rainbow cake
  28. Create a documentary about a subject people often ignore, like the secret life of squirrels
  29. Get your daily amount of dairy in only through drinking chocolate milk
  30. Host an anti-Valentine’s Day Party

I hope these silly tips have given you something to do, inspired some plans of your own, or at least put a smile on your face. Enjoy this Valentine’s Day. There are people who love you and that is all that matters.