Five Scary Movies to Start October Right

Five Scary Movies to Start October Right

Everyone likes a good scare, and it’s the perfect time of year to hunt for a good scary movie for those rainy nights. So grab your boyfriend (or your cat) and try these five movies to get your pulse racing.

1.)    Psycho (1960): A must-see classic, Psycho is packed with intense moments. Though it is a black and white film, it features many horror elements including a vacant hotel, murder, theft and many eerie characters.

2.)    The Shining (1980): Freaky premonitions and a creepy imaginary friend seem frightening at the beginning of the movie but it only gets worse from there. Jack Nicholson personifies fear in an adaptation of one of Steven King’s novels.

3.)    The Ring (2002): A more recent take on terror, The Ring’s central element of fear is a videotape that gives victims only seven days to live after they see it.

4.)    Paranormal Activity (2007): Renowned for the creepiness that comes from its documentary-like atmosphere, the truly scary part of this film is that it could so easily be real. Be sure to watch the final scene of the film if you want a taste of its scariest moments.

5.)    House at the End of the Street (2012): If you want to be terrified in a more public place, House at the End of the Street is out in most theaters now. A neighborhood murder that affects the new girl on the block is the focus of this new film. Full of suspense and stomach-knotting moments, this movie can also boast an interesting plot.