Human Again

Megan Bolton, Staff Reporter

Now for her fourth time again singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson graces the top charts of music.  Her newly released album Human Again, out January 25th, was ranked on iTunes’ top 5 bestselling albums just mere hours after it came out.

A few weeks before the album, Michaelson stated that it was a lot more mature than anything she had done before.  The subject matter had changed, and she had done some growing.

One could agree this album is definitely different from the other three, but certainly in a good way.  Instead of single instruments backing her voice like normal, soulful blends of violins, cellos, pianos and acoustics have been added.  Her lyrics strike a chord for people going through change, confusion or heartache in their lives.  Michaelson proves that simple can still be better, yet she is still not afraid of self-expression.

Some of the songs on the album include her single “Ghost”, as well as “Ribbons”, “Fire”, and a beautifully simple “How We Love”, discussing the double standards of love.

Human Again is relatable, touching, and definitely worth your time and money.  You can buy Ingrid’s new album on iTunes, her website, or Target.

See for yourself how Michaelson yet again succeeds in the world of music.