Tumblr Attracts Many Mercy “Followers”

Katie Denton, Staff Reporter

First there was Myspace: home of the original “bathroom” picture and profile song that “described” the user. Facebook came along a little later as a way to connect someone with the people in his or her life, and as a result, “Fb stalking” turned into a hobby. But for many in the Mercy community a “Share On Tumblr” icon is poised on tosp of their web browser,  making posting pictures, videos, text, music,  and links to their own personal page simple–just a tablet’s click away.

Tumblr’s mission “to build the perfect platform for self expression,” according to their website, is a success in the eyes of many Mercy girls.

“It’s a place where I can post my thoughts freely, and have them viewed objectively,” said junior Christy Castillo.  Tumblr isn’t just a place for online journal entries, though photography and music are huge aspects as well.

“I like how I can put my art on a website, and have it reviewed by people of all ages and backgrounds,” added Castillo.

Tumblr has not only attracted the eyes of Mercy students however. According to the New York Times, the blog site just secured $85 million in funding from new investors. Many have high hopes for the company, considering that it currently has drawn more female teens than any other social networking site, including Facebook.

Sophomore Elli Schinella summed up the feelings of many.

“I go on it all day, every day. It keeps me up at night, and it’s awesome.”