“Modern Family” is a Modern Hit!

Tori Noble, Staff Reporter

In the past two seasons, ABC’s Modern Family has wowed critics and viewers alike with its hilarious characters and story line. Last Monday, the popular show re-aired after the summer break, and began its third season. If the awards, rave reviews, and hilarious trailers have anything to say about it, than this season will be every bit as good as its predecessors.

So far, the season is off to a great start, thanks to the talented, award-winning cast. The men of Modern Family snagged four of the six 2011 Best Actor in a Comedy Series nominations, while the women got two for Best Actress in a Comedy Series. The show won a total of 5 Emmy awards, including a repeat of the “Best Comedy Series” award it won in 2010. It also has the most viewers ages 18-35.

So what’s next for the popular show? Upcoming episodes are expected to showcase more hilarious drama including a car crash, run for elected office, and yes, even a wrapping paper sale. Tune into ABC on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. to catch all of the laugh-out-loud moments to come!

Check out Modern Family‘s Season 3 Trailer.