Reality Stars Too Soon?

Christine LaRouere, Sports Editor

Everyone, at one point or another, comes across a TLC show. Whether it’s  “Toddlers and Tiaras,” “Kate Plus Eight,” or “19 Kids and Counting,” children are being exposed to cameras and people watching them on and off the TV screen. Recent studies have shown that children who participate in the reality TV lifestyle are likely to be unhappy and feel unwanted in their family. Protests and petitions have been filed against the network and other TV networks. Critics say that children are exploited on these reality shows and it has to stop.

Reality TV shows invade privacy and can show things in a way to make one person look good or bad. Producers and writers can create situations to make family members get angry at each other or in certain situations, can break up a family through divorce. The effects of the family fighting can make children upset and feel lost. Parents sometimes lose touch of reality and do anything to get high ratings, resulting in more money. They may make their children do things that they do not want to do, which makes the kids resent them. The question  stands: Do these shows exploit children and should they be cancelled?