Breakin’ Curfew

Monica Shammas, Staff Reporter

New teen drivers, breathe a sigh of relief; this article will not be about all sorts of new curfew laws. But for those teen drivers looking for something new and exciting to do, grab a group of friends and make your way to the Power Center for Performing Arts in Ann Arbor to see “Breakin’ Curfew.”

This annual musical festival presents some of the most hidden teen talent in all of Ann Arbor. The wide variety of performances including jazz, tap, rap, rock-and-roll and classical music, combine to make one night of unforgettable talent.

The performers have perfected their routines in basements, garages, and some in school. The entire performance, from the dancers, singers, stage crew, and promoters, is done by teens in the area with the help of the University Musical Society. All of these factors create one of the most unique art experiences Michigan has to offer.

This year’s “Breakin’ Curfew” is May 14th and tickets are $12 for students and $16 for general admission at the door. Check out a preview of the night below!