Summer Music Tours

Chicago is host to the annual Lollapolooza, a summer music festival.

Megan Bolton, Staff Reporter

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With summer fast approaching (we hope), fellow music lovers have one thing on their minds: summer music concerts.  Every year a flood of musicians and bands announce their headlining tours for the summer season.  Some musicians host only individual tours, and others join a touring music festival with other artists alongside them.   Some of these tours include: The Warped Tour, Lilith Fair (all female artists), Bonaro, and for the brave souls – Lollapolooza.  These summer musical festivals can be a great opportunity to reunite with friends and bond over the celebration of music.  Most summer tours kick off in late April or May, and run all summer until September.  The venues around Metro Detroit that host these bands are places like DTE Music Theatre, The Palace of Auburn Hills, Meadowbrook and The Royal Oak Music Theatre.  Tickets can be bought on their websites or at  Several of the artists coming to the area this season are Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Phish, A Rocket To The Moon, Keith Urban, Adele, and Tim McGraw.  Needless to say, I think we are all adding this to the list of reasons why summer can’t come soon enough.

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