One weekend, two state championships


MVV celebrates their first state championship win as their coach runs on the court to congratulate them. Fair use: Instagram

Mercy Varsity Swim and Dive (MVSD) competed against several teams for the title of state champion on November 23 in Holland, MI. With each race and passing hour of the meet, the girls continued to cheer each other on and give it their all. 

Just an hour away at the Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek, Mercy Varsity Volleyball (MVV) played Lowell High School in the state championship game. The arena was filled with excitement as each team battled for victory. 

With one last race and one final serve, both MVSD and MVV were named state champions. 

This accomplishment is a three-peat for the swimmers and divers, but a new achievement for MVV. Each team owes their success to members of the Mercy community both on and off the team. Mercy senior and MVSD captain Julia Coffman said acting as a united team was crucial for this meet. The team’s ability to work as one towards a common goal is due to the bond the girls share with one another. The members of MVSD, especially the seniors who have been together for four years, see each other as family. 

“This was the greatest team ever,” said Coffman. “Relying on each other and having that feeling of sisterhood was amazing. I will definitely never forget that.”

This feeling of Mercy family extends to MVV as well. Senior Camille Compton credits it as their main reason for success. 

“You can have a bunch of people [on a team] who are talented but if they don’t get along well you’re not going to have a successful team,” said Compton. 

Besides the support the athletes have for one another, the support they receive from the Mercy community motivates them to do their best. Between students and staff wishing athletes luck, posts on social media, and student sections at both events, the success of both teams is highly celebrated throughout the school. Senior and Fish Bowl leader Katherine Broderick led the student section at MVV’s state championship through cheers to keep energy high. She’s one of many Mercy girls who loves going to games of all sports to cheer her Mercy sisters on and watch them compete. 

“It’s so exciting to watch the girls you go to school with every day experience so much success,” said Broderick. “It makes me so happy to see all of my friends win something so big. I think championships bring the community together.”