Shannon Carpenter, Editor-in-Chief

I am very proud to introduce you to newsprintnow.net, the official website of Mercy High School’s student publication Newsprint. The idea for an online supplement to the newspaper has been in the works for years, but this year’s staff has been tirelessly working to finally make this idea a reality.

In the coming months, newsprintnow.net will updated daily with articles from our current issue, web-exclusive stories, and other types of media, including photo galleries, videos, fashion tips, and polls. The goal of newsprintnow.net is to become a media tool that enables greater interaction between Newsprint and the Mercy community.

Reader input is very important to us so we encourage you to leave a comment on a story. Please browse around newsprintnow.net and share this site with your friends and parents. We are so pleased to finally unveil this site to you and are excited to launch Newsprint’s online supplemental publication!