Pink Glove Love


Erin Pienta, Staff Reporter

Take a look around you. Each day at Mercy, our friends and teacher surround us. Now think, one in eight members of the Mercy community will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lives. It could be your teacher, a staff member, even your best friend. This is why as Mercy girls, we had the great opportunity to support breast cancer awareness with our own Pink Glove Dance!

The idea for the Pink Glove Dance derived from the Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland, Oregon, where the original viral video hit originated. The video features members of the hospital dancing to Jay Sean’s popular song “Down” with pink medical gloves on. With breast cancer being a primarily women’s issue, Mercy had a chance to make a difference once again.

The Mercy version of the video features all the places Mercy girls hold true to their hearts: the media center, gym, cafeteria, basement, and many other surprise locations. Featuring staff and students alike, the video shows all of the Mercy community dancing to the beat of “Blame It On The Pop” by Dj Earworm.

By wearing the pink gloves, Mercy girls promised to help support breast cancer research to find a cure. Making this video means that each one of us is helping spread breast cancer awareness within our neighboring communities. The video will also be featured on Newsprint’s up and website in January 2011.

Junior Lilliana Haddad was shocked to learn the new statistics about breast cancer. “It’s sad to think so many young, pretty, intellectual, sportive and spiritual girls will be set back from their goals.” Haddad also suggests that girls should “make the difference by providing support.”

Since breast cancer is such a prevalent disease among women, it is important that we take action towards finding a cure. Awareness and early screening are the best screenings are the best ways to prevent breast cancer.

Each small step we take today can help make a big difference in the future. It is possible that with continued research and education, the number of women being diagnosed with breast cancer could decrease dramatically in the future. By dancing with pink gloves, you may help save a precious life somewhere down the road.