Snowpocalypse Strikes the Midwest


Sophomore Caroline Peterson trudges through the blizzard’s aftermath.

Lizzie Peterson, Managing/Copy Editor

From Oklahoma all the way to Chicago, millions of people felt the effects of the so-called “snowpocalypse” that just passed over the Midwest. While students enjoyed a relaxing snow day, there were others who felt the more damaging effects that this blizzard brought.
Over 6,000 flights, which account for approximately one fifth of  United States air traffic, were canceled. Road traffic became extremely dangerous, resulting in back-ups or accidents. Chicago received 20 inches of snow, making it the third-largest snow fall in the city’s history. The Tulsa World, a newspaper in Oklahoma, could not print for the first time in the 106 years it has been in business. There were also many people, especially in Ohio and Pennsylvania, who were left without power.
Although this winter storm did have some negative effects on the 30 states it touched, there were still some who managed  to enjoy their day.

While many appreciated the amount of snow that this area did get, there were some who were anticipating more.

Sophomore Mariel Mulqueen spent the day with her friend wandering around outside, enjoying the snow.

“I definitely expected more from the storm and was disappointed after all the commotion leading up to it,” said Mulqueen. “However, I did enjoy all the snow we got and thought it was really fun to have a day off.”