Fashion Do: Race to Lace!

Fashion Do: Race to Lace!

Erin Pienta, Staff Reporter

Alberta Ferretti’s Spring 2011 show features soft silks and intricate detailing. Like many other designers this season, Ferretti used an abundance of lace.

Ranging from both playful to serious, designers used lace as a versatile medium. Ferrertti kept the collection, as well as the lace, in mostly neutral tones, but designers like ChristopherKane dyed their lace to be a pale, yet vibrant pink.

It is a common misconception that lace can only be seen as soft and feminine. Yes, lace can create a delicate and romantic feel, but there is no reason women should be limited to that.

Pair an otherwise simple lace dress with combat boots or a leather jacket. Mix it up by challenging yourself to make a safe look more edgy.

Also, lace should not be limited to dresses and tops! Detailed lace tights can be worn to add a dash of attitude to any look. Feel free to accessorize with lace jewelry, such as a necklace orcuff bracelet.

The best part about lace is that you do not need to buy it new. Hit up your local vintage and take a look around. You never know what you might stumble upon.