Review: Arrested Development

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Caroline Hartland, Staff Reporter

A cult classic gone too soon, Arrested Development is most likely the show to inspire the feeling of I immediately regret not having this in my life before now. The high-class Bluth Company and family are under scrutiny for what patriarch George Sr. insists is, at most, perhaps some light treason.

Michael Bluth, played by Jason Bateman, has the perpetual job of cleaning up the messes of his high-strung family. His son George Michael’s fantastic character is played by Michael Cera—of which his later career of startled turtles are pale imitations.

Will Arnett’s desperate magician GOB (George Oscar Bluth), Portia DeRossi’s textbook product of a trust fund Lindsey, David Cross’s failed analyst/therapist/actor Tobias, cousin Maeby, the over-bearing matriarch Lucille and her over-coddled youngest, 32 year old Buster all complete the definition of a dysfunctional family.

Though the show is only a series on DVDs and Netflix now, the script for an “Arrested Development” film is finally being written.

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