Hamati (right) tutors sophomore Natalie Murphy (left) in a one-on-one Zoom session.

Hamati Helps

Grace O’Dea
October 2, 2020
Mercy sophomore Avery Earle dances almost every day of the week and is looking to dance in college and beyond. Photo used with permission from Avery Earle

Marlins of Mercy: Avery Earle

Carrie Jefferson, Copy Editor
February 10, 2020
Junior Mackenzie Sullivan takes a jog around the gym to warm up for practice. Photo by Maddie Sullivan

Marlins of Mercy: Mackenzie Sullivan

Maddie Sullivan, Staff Writer
January 29, 2020
Junior Julia Bishop launches a powerful serve to the opposing team at the pink out game earlier in the year. Photo by Dunya Kizy

Marlins of Mercy: Julia Bishop

Abby Shaw, Staff Writer
January 19, 2020
Junior Maya Goudeseune has been balancing her competitive soccer and challenging academics from a very young age. Photo by Clare Jones

Marlins of Mercy: Maya Goudeseune

Clare Jones, Staff Writer
January 14, 2020
Junior Blanca Strauv leaving the cafeteria to meet with the students she takes home. Photo by Emily Walugembe

Marlins of Mercy: Blanca Straub

Emily Walugembe, Staff Writer
December 5, 2019
Junior Grace Nieto gets ready to hit for her travel softball team, the Chicago Bandits. Photo used with permission from Grace Nieto

Marlins of Mercy: Grace Nieto

Delilah Coe, Staff Writer
November 19, 2019
Senior Gabby Price has had numerous injuries that have put a strain on school, sports, and life in general, but she has learned that keeping a positive mindset during all of her struggles has been the most useful tool in recovering. Photo by Lydia Giroux

Marlins of Mercy: Gabby Price

Lydia Giroux, Design Editor
November 8, 2019
Senior Alex Callaghan poses for a picture before her last ever swim meet in the Mercy pool. Photo by Lydia Giroux

Marlins of Mercy: Alex Callaghan

Lydia Giroux, Design Editor
October 31, 2019
Junior Jillian Smith verbally committed to the University of Michigan Ann Arbor on September 28, 2019. Photo used with permission from Jillian Smith

Marlins of Mercy: Jillian Smith

Dunya Kizy, Photography and Video Editor
October 9, 2019
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